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Welcome to BUFFET BAR. This is my blog where I write about foods & travel. You can learn here about some of the exotic dishes from around the world, their origin, and a lot more. Traveling is not just confined to visiting new locations, additionally you get to learn about the culture, traditions, and most importantly – cuisines. Here, you will get all this along with recipes. I mean, you can bring Paris home! What more do you need? I am a food nerd, I love the stories behind the exotic and traditional cuisines. I mean, it’s always interesting to know that noodles were once sold as a luxury item somewhere between now and 4000 years ago.

Ben Thompson

I have always loved the traditional aspects of food. I remember, all my life I have eaten noodles with a fork. So, for the first time when I was served noodles with chopsticks, I was thrilled to no end. I was on seventh heaven! I immediately took hold of it and did my best to eat with it. That was a mess! 😅

Few months later, I bought my own reusable chopsticks.

Bear with me, because you will see a lot more personal experiences and fun stories in my blogs. Honestly, you won’t be disappointed!!

Come, join me in discovering the world from the perspective of a food nerd.

Somethings to know about me – I love cooking! I mean, in my spare time, you will find me in the kitchen, experimenting with recipes. To justify on my part, I lived in a country side where we have very specific dishes that we cook on every damn occasion. Same method of cooking and same ingredients. I know, boring! And then I went to college far away from my home. I stayed in a rented flat with a roommate. It was then when I discovered a whole new world food! I realised that I can cook a dish in so many ways and every ingredient can bring out a different aromatic taste. After that, I started pushing my lazy butt friends to go to the restaurant and roadside food stall to try gourmet cuisines rather than having takeouts or ordering.

So, this is how it all started!